P19 5000 mAh 5W wireless magnetic power bank para personalizar con logo

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Wireless charging magnetic 5000 mAh powerbank (14 x 7 x 1,3 cm) with 5W wireless charging function, a digital battery display and USB type C output/input. The technology of this powerbank is revealed on the backside thanks to the transparent casing showing the circuit board. The front side has a rubber soft-touch finish and with laser engraving reveals a light-up logo. The powerbank has dual USB 2A output and is made from minimum of 50% recycled ABS. If your phone does not have MagSafe technology (starting iPhone 12), you can add the included magnetic sticker on the back of the phone to make it compatible with the supplied magnetic support. Delivered with a 3-in-1 (type C, micro USB, iPhone) charging cable made from recycled PET. Packed in a gift box (20,1 x 10 x 2 cm) with magnetic closure. Includes 3 year warranty.