D21 550 ml borosilicate glass bottle with recycled silicone sleeve and bamboo lid para personalizar con logo

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550 ml borosilicate glass bottle with bamboo lid and features both sleeve and strap made from recycled silicone.
The bottle ( 24,8 x 6,8 cm) is made from 100% durable borosilicate glass which conserves the freshness of the beverage, both hot an cold, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Tested and approved under German Food Safe Legislation (LFGB), and tested for phthalates content according to REACH regulations. The recycled silicone sleeve (135 x 7 cm) makes the bottle comfortable to hold. By removing the bamboo lid and silicone sleeve the bottle is dishwasher safe. Presented in a recycled cardboard round gift box (8.6*26.8cm). Includes 3 year warranty.